Our New Website is Live!

It turns out writing songs is easier than making websites. We think. We don't have the first clue how to make a website, but judging by the fact that we've been working all year to birth this digital baby, we're assuming it's complicated. Just in time for our show at Mississippi Studios, we've launched this site to house all our weird thoughts, show updates & band news. You can listen to our new songs, buy some merch, watch the latest videos, and learn about the history of the band.

Stay tuned because we'll be adding more features including a booking page with everything you need to know to hire us for your next gig, and a press kit for journalists.

If you want to get notified with the latest shows and news, you can sign up for our email list.

Thanks to the talented folks at Dotzero Design and Karvel Digital for making it happen!

Celebrate the Darkness

November 7th is the first Friday night after the time change. We are celebrating the dark dark darkness by playing our new (super dark) songs. These songs will make you want to run out in the street and fight crime with your bare hands...in the dark. We wrote them in a dark basement about our dark hearts. Embrace the darkness!!