Swan Sovereign at Wordstock
2:45 pm14:45

Swan Sovereign at Wordstock

  • 1111 Southwest Broadway Portland, OR, 97205 United States

We love words. Poetry, stories, lyrics -- it's all about stating the one or two things you know about your rotten little heart and your absolute determination to make it sweeter and bigger. Isn't it? No? Well, that's what our songs are about. Also, they are about murder.

Come sing along!

Tiny House Caravan Campfire Song and S'mores
7:00 pm19:00

Tiny House Caravan Campfire Song and S'mores

  • Tiny House Caravan

This is the most Portlandy of all Portland shows. One of our very favorite venues - a caravan of teensy house hotels with a campfire in the middle. Radio Room will be setting up a BBQ out front.

9:00 pm21:00

Dantes with Misty Mountain and When Vanity Kills

  • Dante’s

You can admit it to us. Valentine’s Day makes you angry. We feel the same way. By February 28th, the world will have crashed hard after its sugar high. The cheap, flammable teddy bears holding red hearts will be stashed safely in drug store back rooms again where they can’t hurt you. It will be safe to come out of your house.

Come to our show at Dante’s and express your righteous rage against all that is sticky and overwrought. We share your fury and confusion about Cupid and his creepy, chubby arms shooting arrows. We are angry, too. Now give us a hug.


Cost: $10.00

Website: https://public.ticketbiscuit.com/DantesLive/Ticketing/222255


Phone: 503-345-7892

Website: http://www.danteslive.com/


8:00 pm20:00

Mississippi Studios

  • Mississippi Studios

Opening sets by Crushed Out and Fault Lines
8pm doors, 9pm show.


Cost: $12.00

Website: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/661971


Phone: 503-288-3895

Website: http://www.mississippistudios.com/